Recommendations From the Public



•    “I have known Patrick Lomax for over 11 years. He is an excellent attorney and of the highest integrity.”

            Marc B. Samuelson  



•    “Patrick is a well-versed criminal defense attorney. I am never short of impressed by the information he retains related to procedure and caselaw. If you want an attorney who understands the parameters of the problem(s) you might be facing, Patrick is the attorney to see.”

            Daniel A. Pallen, Attorney, THE BENARI LAW FIRM


•    “Patrick comes from a fine family and my connections with Patrick have all been positive. While we have not worked on the same legal matters, we have had the opportunity to connect through the Bar Association, and Patrick has always been collegial and professional.”

            Jonathan Peri, Vice President and General Counsel, Neumann University



•    “Patrick is a bright and creative lawyer. I highly recommend his legal services.”

            William Beneduce



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